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Nurses and midwives challenged to uphold integrity

A health rights expert Martha Kwataine has challenged nurses and midwives to value integrity when exercising duties.

She said this will ensure quality service delivery to the satisfaction of clients who access nursing and midwifery care from health facilities.

Kwataine was making a presentation to delegates who attended the National Organisation of Nurses and Midwives of Malawi - NONM Sensitization and Zonal Recruiters workshop that was held in Dowa District.

She emphasized that in leadership, integrity is very key without which one’s followers lose trust eventually leading to leadership collapse.

“Integrity is very key in leadership because it is what you do in private, it is about your character to say if you knew you wouldn’t be caught or nobody would know about a clandestine action, would you still do it, so it’s also linked to honesty, being principled, being valued.

“In other instances, for example, you are on a duty roster and you send a message last hour that ‘I am not coming to work’ that is lack of integrity because you have created a crisis, it means you might have a hospital ward with nobody to attend to patients”, said Kwataine.

She explained that good leadership is key for improved service delivery, adding that if nurses are able to handle themselves with integrity, they should be able to professionally handle their patients as they come to seek nursing services in health facilities.

In her remarks, NONM president Dorothy Ngoma urged participants to make good use of the knowledge imparted to ensure the union remains stronger in all leadership structures.

“I urge you nurse leaders to make good use of the knowledge that Martha has imparted today through this workshop. I am your president today, in the near future you will take up this leadership mantle, it is such leadership knowledge and skills that will make you a good leader”, said Ngoma.

During the workshop NONM Executive Director Benson Phiri also made presentations about NONM membership (Check-Off System) Collective Bargaining processes and the Status of the nurses’ union.