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As comanded by the Constitution, the Executive Director of NONM shall be a nurse/midwife and a member of NONM appointed through formal interviews by the National Executive Commitee to serve as the chief Administrative officer to maintain the continuity of the Organisation at its headquarters.

Mr Benson Phiri

Current Executive Director of NONM.


Professionally served NONM from 2013 - 2016 as the
second Executive Director after taking over the
position from Mrs Dorothy Ngoma on merit.
Before taking over the Executive Director position,
she served the same organisation as Project Manager.


The Executive Director is accountable to the National Executive Commitee and responsible for the general management of staff and implementation of NONM Policies established by the National Executive Commitee as well as the Biennial General Meeting.



Dorothy Ngoma was the first Executive Director of NONM, She held this position basing on merit and experience after successfully serving the same organisation as the President.

Executive Director : 2006-2012