Become a Member

How to become a NONM member in the new membership System
(Check off system - Monthly membership subscription)

What are the Requirements to Become a Member of NONM?

  • All nurses/midwives who are registered with the Nurses and Midwives Council of Malawi.
  • Nurses who have reached their retirement age and retired from employment.
  • Nurses who have retired due to medical /health reasons Student Nurses
Membership is Voluntary
On the membership form, fill in your particulars such as employment number, Nurses and Midwives Council of Malawi registration number along with other particulars as indicated on the form.
Fill in your cadre be it Nurse Midwife Technician NMT/Enrolled Nurse Midwife / Community Nurse Midwife (K1, 500) or Registered Nurse RN (K2, 700). The membership fee is payable monthly.
Indicate on the form whether you will be paying in cash or your employer will be deducting your monthly membership amount.
Thereafter pend your signature on the form, indicate the date along with employment number and your institution.
If you are paying membership in cash and abscond payment for three consecutive months you become suspended from the NONM database and you are no longer recognized as member.

What are the Benefits of being a NONM Member?

  • There is Strength in Unity, All nurses/midwives who are NONM Members enjoy the benefits of belonging Our member nurses/midwives have access to financial Support, Expert Care and Legal representations in case they meet professional legal Challenges.
  • Professional Protection, once you are a Member of NONM you are assured your work is protected from unfair dismissal, Withdrawal and unlawful treatment. Career upgrading and Advancement through the Organization’s Network.
  • The Organization has a Network that helps Nurses/Midwives voices and grievances be heard.
  • NONM mediates Nurses/Midwives with government and other stakeholders within the health sectors.
  • NONM advocates for its members welfare.
  • Instant 2 meter cloth (Chitenje) incentive for members paying in full one year subscription in cash.


Promote the nursing profession and the organisation to the community. Participate in activities promoted by the organisation. Pay the periodic fees within the established deadline. Make proposals and suggestions to the National Executive Committee of the organisation.
Communicate problems or emerging issues in the profession to the National Executive Committee. Participate in elections. Notify the organisation of any change of address and/or employment. Notify the organisation when one ceases or resumes practice.