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Funded by National Aids Commission of Malawi.

National AIDS Commission (NAC) started supporting the National Organisation of Nurses and Midwives of Malawi (NONM) financially and technically on HIV and AIDS interventions precisely on Caring for Caregivers in 2006.

NONM, with the goal of facilitating and promoting the provision of quality prevention, care and support to the infected and affected nurses, midwives, student nurses and midwives and other health care workers in the country; and line with the provisions of the 2005.

National Care of the Carer HIV and AIDS Workplace Policy continued to carry out activities between March 2013 and February 2014 which was its 6th year of the project implementation.

Facilitate the improvement of working, living and learning conditions for nurses/midwives, student nurses/midwives and other health care workers to promote prevention, care and support interventions in HIV and AIDS.
  1. Advocacy sessions with DHMTs (inclusive of college management teams) and District AIDS Coordinating Committees for provision of essential supplies, equipment and adequate funding and also developing of sick bays, sick parades and support groups.
  2. Promote effective implementation of HIV Prevention and Behavioural Change among student nurses/midwives.
  3. Strengthen the capacity of partners at all levels to mainstream, plan and manage HIV and AIDS programmes through network with key players in the HIV and AIDS, NGOs, and Union sectors to foster synergy in HIV and AIDS Caring for Carers interventions.
  4. Orient NONM Zonal leaders in order to mentor/build their capacity on caring for carers to ensure sustained implementation.
Empower the infected nurses, midwives, student nurses/midwives and other health care workers on gender, rights and HIV & Aids to ensure greater involvement in all spheres of their lives
From March 2013 to February 2014, Caring for Cares Project registered a number of successes in line with the activity work plan. On the overall it was a progressive year because all the project activities had been implemented.